Survival Knife MOD – Wood Handle

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Survival Knife MOD – Wood Handle

Survival Knife MOD Specification.


This British Army issue Survival Knife by Jack Adams of Sheffield It is made to  Ministry Of Defence specification with phosphated carbon black steel blade, Wood Handle with hole for wrist cord, shaped for simplicity and grip. knife comes complete with a leather sheath to keep you and the knife safe and protected.


Overall length: 12.25″

Blade: 7″


The Knife Law states that you must be 18 to purchase any Knife or Multi Tools that also have a Blade. When we receive orders for these items we will contact you for ID to proove your age.

2 reviews for Survival Knife MOD – Wood Handle

  1. Marc

    Terrible! Not a decent knife for any purpose. Too heavy and too awkward. Poor quality sheath.

    • Danny Brownbill

      For a trained soldier and someone who is comfortable with general survival the uses for thsi kf=nife are endles. Ideal for:

      – Foreging
      – Digging
      – Hunting
      – Carving meat
      – Cutting up small branches
      – Wild food preperations
      – cutting rope and para cord
      – other general survival purposes

      If this isnt the knife for you, im sure We have another that suits your needs. I also cant seem to find were you acctually ordered this product? If you can send me your order number via sales@armykit so i can confrm you as a legitimate buyer. Thanks!

  2. Marc

    More of a gardening trowel than a knife. Better to carry a small hatchet and a swiss army knife for survival. The tweezers are very useful for removing slivers/thorns. The MOD, not so much and a poor chopping instrument….

    • Danny Brownbill

      Thankyou for your feedback. The MOD survival knife is a multi purpose knife which soldiers are trained to use. Its heavy and bulky as its meant not only for hunting but also for self – protection. This is the OFFICIAL british army knife made by Sheffield Steel. Its not meant for cutting through large peices of wood. Its intended purpose is too create fire starting matierials from thin branches and shavings not take down thick trees.

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