Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser


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  • The STAEDTLER Mars® Plastic Eraser and Sharpener Set has the essential items for aiding you in writing.
  • This set includes both an eraser and sharpener, essential for keeping your writing neat and clean. The eraser wipes away mistakes cleanly, leaving no traces behind. It is designed to produce minimal crumbling, leaving less debris after use. Its cardboard sleeve and protective cellophane wrapper retain its shape and last longer than normal. The sharpener has a design which produces neatly sharpened pencils with very little effort. Its metal structure allows you to sharpen easily, without breakage. It suits standard-sized blacklead pencils, using a narrow sharpening angle to help produce fine, accurate
  • Eraser and sharpener set
  • 1 x eraser that wipes mistakes away cleanly
  • 1 x sharpener with metal design
  • Eraser produces minimal crumbling
  • Eraser has sliding card sleeve which maintains eraser’s shape for added durability
  • Sharpener’s design makes sharpening extremely easy and effortless
  • Sharpens pencils with a diameter of up to 8.2 mm at a 23° angle


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