Princeton Tec ‘Fred’ 45 Lumen Head Torch

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Headlamp FRED with four lighting modes, manufactured by the renowned American company Princeton Tec. This compact and lightweight, because the battery weighs only 78g, the flashlight is equipped with four LEDs Ultrabright LED, three of which shine white and one red.


This model is equipped with a one-armed, asymmetrical handle with an adjustable head inclination angle, an easily accessible battery compartment and a large-size switching button.

Its casing is made of durable composite that provides resistance to moisture and splash. The flashlight is characterized by the first level of waterproofness, which is equivalent to the IPX4 standard.

The flashlight on the head is fixed with an adjustable, comfortable band made of elastic fabric.


  • Four lighting modes: high and low (white), high and low (red)
  • Simple to use
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Asymmetrical handle
  • Adjustment of the head inclination angle
  • Lightweight design, small size
  • Adjustable elastic headband


  • Light source: 4x Ultrabright LED (3x white, 1x red)
  • Light power: 45 lumens
  • Maximum burning time: 145h (white), 180h (red)
  • Maximum light range: 35m (white), 10m (red)
  • Power supply: 3 x AAA (alkaline or lithium) – included
  • Water resistance: Level 1 (equivalent to IPX4)
  • Weight: 78g with batteries
  • Housing color: sand TAN
  • Color of the band: sand TAN

Made in the USA.

4 reviews for Princeton Tec ‘Fred’ 45 Lumen Head Torch

  1. Bill “L.Dog” Garlinghouse

    A light, well-made headlamp with bright, focused beams, and a red light mode. An intelligent switching pattern becomes intuitive with use.

  2. MrsMustard

    Lightweight, bright, affordable, efficient headlamp with both red and white wide and narrow beams. It is perfect for backpacking, running, or grilling.

  3. John F

    A decent, lightweight headlamp with red mode.

  4. mattb

    I bought the Fred with backpacking in mind, but use a headlamp, on average, 4-5 nights a week, for up to an hour each night to split and haul wood to the house during the winter. In addition to that, we’re still remodelling our house, so it has to pull triple duty if I’m in the attic or basement, fixing something.

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