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Externally the magazine is constructed with an Alloy, with Polymer Feed Lips , follower and  extended Base Plate. Like majority of Airsoft magazines, the Raven 1911/MEU magazines is designed to be double stacking, allowing it to hold up to 22 rounds and comes with an extended base plate making  it easier to remove on the pistol and magazine pouches. The magazine is filled with 6mm Airsoft BBs from either the front or the top by using an Airsoft Speed Loader, and is filled with Green Gas from the bottom base plate through the fill valve.

Whether you are an Airsoft skirmisher, who wants additional magazines to increase the time between having to stop and re-fill magazines or simply replace an old or damaged magazine, these 1911 Gas Magazines are an essential piece of kit.


  • Matte Black Finish
  • Metal construction
  • Polymer feed lips
  • Double stack magazine
  • 22 BB capacity
  • Fixed Base plate
  • Filled with BBs from the Top or Front
  • Bottom Filled from standard Green Gas Bottles
  • Perfect Spare / Replacement Magazine

Special Instructions

Though designed for the Raven MEU M1911 Pistols, the magazine is also compatible with Tokyo Marui M1911 Pistols. We have tested the magazine in the Tokyo Marui M1911 A1 colt Government Airsoft Pistol, and the Tokyo Marui No.47 STRIKE Warrior .45 Gas Pistol, and as such should work in all Marui MEU/1911 based pistols.

Always keep gas in your magazines to ensure the seals remain inflated. This prevents leaking magazines. Your magazines do not need to be full of Gas to keep them healthy. We also recommend use of “Abbey Predator Maintenance Gas 270ml” whilst your magazines are being stored to keep them in top condition.


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