BCB Crusader Cup MK2


For over 160 years, BCB International have been designing, manufacturing and supplying personal Survival and protective equipment used by Soldiers, seafarers and adventurers worldwide! Our range of BCB products are perfect for your everyday camper or your local Bear Grylls. Stocking medical, orienteering and survival gear we should be your number one stockists

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The BCB Crusader Cup MK2 is an evolution of the classic stainless steel MK1. This version is made from anodised aluminium. The primary benefit of using this material is the considerable weight saving. The MK2 is also larger than the old version at 1litre, meaning you can cook more food outdoors.

Due to the larger surface area from the redesigned base of the MK2, cooking is more efficient, meaning you can cook your meals much faster on the Crusader Cooker Mk 2.

The anodised finish is non-reflective and non-stick making is super easy to clean. The new larger size is enough for large boil-in-the-bag pouches. It will still fit an issue 58 pattern water bottle and can be packed comfortably into a PLCE, Osprey water bottle or utility webbing pouch.



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