Coast Max Lock Pro Razor Knife (MX200))


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Coast is a high quality LED lighting and multi-tool business, with 100 years in manufacturing of many products whether looking for torches, headlights or lanterns. Coast’s range of LED flashlights, Headlights, Emergency Area Lamps, Knives and Multi-Tools are safe additions perfect for your personal needs. With a wide range of long warranty products available, Coast is the ideal addition for offering the right tools whatever your job.

As a market leader in LED lighting, Coast offers some of the brightest and functional professional LED flashlights. Developing a wide range of lighting products over time with high-quality lighting for hardworking professionals, projecting the beam over a large area. Coast’s products are ideal for making jobs easier and safer, incorporating advanced technology for users.

The MX200 is a compact razor knife that offers our easy-to-use Max-Lock system which also prevents the knife from opening inside a pocket. The razor knife combines a liner lock with the Max-Lock System provides two locks to make it twice as safe. The knife is equipped with standard sized double ended utility blades, and the E-Z replace system makes it easy to change the blades while working quickly. The textured nylon handle is designed for secure grip, and the thumb studs make one-handed opening easy.

The Knife Law states that you must be 18 to purchase any Knife or Multi Tools that also have a Blade. When we receive orders for these items we will contact you for ID to proove your age.

With Coast’s commitment to quality, the MX200 Knife is backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


Switch out dull blades quickly and easily. A small lever on the side of the blade housing disengages the lock on the razor blade and allows for quick blade replacement.


Take safety to the extreme. COAST knives equipped with the Max-Lock system can lock the blade in either the open or closed position. Locking the blade closed prevents the assisted opening mechanism from accidentally engaging in your pocket. Locking the blade open protects your fingers from an accidental closure during use. Knives with Max-Lock also have a standard Liner-Lock to make the knives twice as safe.


Secure your knife at hand’s reach. The COAST One Position Knife Clip makes it easy to keep your knife readily accessible while also tucked away in your pocket.


Open the knife with a quick flick. Small studs mounted on each side of the knife blade allow for easy, one-handed opening.


  • BLADE LENGTH     1.2 in / 3.1 cm
  • LENGTH CLOSED     5.1 in / 12.9 cm
  • LENGTH OPEN     6.3 in / 16 cm
  • WEIGHT     4.9 oz / 139 g


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