Coast Emergency Area Lantern – 460 Lumens (EAL17)


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In the worksite, campsite or the side of the road, the EAL17 Lantern is a stainless steel designed lantern that can either illuminate your space or alert people in times of need. Cycle between high, low, solid red, and flashing red modes to best suit your situation. (4 x D batteries not included)

With Coast’s commitment to quality, the EAL17 Lantern is impact resistant, weather resistant and its LEDs are virtually unbreakable. The EAL17 Lantern is backed by Coast’s five-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


Cycle the switch to access the optimal light mode. (High, Energy Saving, Solid Red, Flashing Red)


The right light for the moment. The Dual-Color White & Red Beam combines an all-white Utility Beam for general use with a red, anti-glare beam that prevents “night blinding” while also offering a tool for emergency signaling.


Signal duress with flashing, bright-red light. If times get tough, COAST lights outfitted with Emergency mode help attract much-needed attention.


Conserve battery life with precise light control. Make easy adjustments to match your light’s intensity to the circumstance. COAST EAL multi-mode technology enables seamless transition from energy-saving low-light output to area-illuminating high output—and anywhere in between.


Don’t worry about the weather. COAST lights that have passed the IPX4-level water resistance test are splash-resistant and built with durable materials that stand up to nature.


  • BATTERY TYPE     4 x D (Alkaline)
  • HEIGHT     9.9 in / 25.2 cm
  • RUNTIME (HIGH)     50 h
  • WEIGHT     45.4 oz / 1.29 kg


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