When you are a long way from medical help, you need to have the necessary first aid equipment. This combat tourniquet is a fast and effective way of stopping the blood flow in the event of a significant haemorrhage. It uses a patented free-moving internal band that wraps around the arm or leg providing sufficient pressure all around it. This stops the bleeding without the need for screws and clips. This makes it much easier to use than traditional tourniquets in stressful situations or when you are not performing at your best.

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For Severe Emergencies: the first aid with a tourniquet can effectively occlude arterial blood in both upper and lower limbs to save life in prehospital emergency situations

Easy to Use: Rapidly control the end bleeding or arterial bleeding with one hand

Cold Resistant Design: Composite buckles used to resist breaking from impact during cold weather

Reusable: it is easy to clean

Variable Usage: Made of nylon and magic stick; Easy to clean and can be reused. Can be used in mud, blood, or wet weather.

Composite Size: makes it easily put one or more to home emergency kits, cars, backpacks, motorcycles, range bag, construction belt or take along for immediate use.

Quickly Adjustable: Windlass can quickly adjust pressure in case bleeding restarts.

Time Stamp: Write down the time of application to identify time limits and prevent potential blood bleeding.

How to use:

  1. Apply the tourniquet to the bleeding site and place the wounded limb through the band loop.
  2. Pull the band tightly and fasten it back on itself. Adhere the band around the limb and twist the rod till bleeding stops.
  3. Place the rod inside the clip and lock it.
  4. Check wound condition and apply additional tightening to the tourniquet if massive bleeding continues.
  5. Adhere band over the rod inside the clip around the limb.
    Secure the rod and band with the strap and record applied time on white strap.


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