British Army NEW MTP Gore – Tex Bivvi Bags.

A bivi bag were first developed as solo shelters for mountaineering, climbing, ultra-light backpacking and adventure racing where participants were interested in light weight and highly compressible gear. The original bivies were little more than waterproof sleeping bag covers that protected extreme athletes from rain or provided them with a temporary emergency shelter. However, in recent years, a bivi bag has evolved, which incorporates high tech breathable fabrics like Goretex and eVent with elements of ultra-light tents such as mesh screening and collapsible vestibules.


Are bivi bags suitable for camping?

A bivi bag (camping) is better when compared to tents and traditional sleeping bags. Take a look:

Light Weight

Some bivy sacks weigh less than one pound, which make them extremely light and portable. When compared to a tent, a bivy sack is a much more attractive option when venturing out into the wilderness, especially because you need to carry your sleeping gear on your back.

Don’t take up much room

With a bivy sack during camping, all you need is a flat surface big enough for you to lie down on, whereas, if you are using a tent, you would need a large enough area to place your tent as well as a way to secure the tent to the ground to prevent it from blowing over during inclement weather.


Bivy sacks are also waterproof, providing you with better protection against the elements. Ideally, you should use it as a sleeping bag inside of a tent. They will prevent your sleeping area from getting wet should your tent spring a leak during a rain storm.