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Deluxe Boot Care Kits – Black or MOD Brown.

This Deluxe Boot Care kit is put together using only top quality items ( The professionals first choice )
keep your leather footwear in tip top condition treating them with Altbergs very own leather products.
Our kits fit neatly into their own tough Cordura pouches which come  in a choice of Black or Multi Cam colours and consist of 1 x 40g tin Leder Gris, 1 x 40g tin Leder Gloss, 1 x Dauber brush for applying the Gris or Glos, 1 x Horse Hair brush for buffing and 1 x Selvyt cloth for polishing to a high shine. The Selvyt cloth is washable and can be used over and over again.
Advice for treating your footwear.

If leather is constantly going through a wet/dry cycle, hardening will eventually occur and flex cracking across the joint is inevitable.

However, correct and constant use of Leder-Gris will extend the time before which flex cracking will occur. In more arduous conditions we recommend occasional use of Leder-Gris Xtreme, this will soften the leather, and used correctly, it will extend the time before the leather begins to crack.

Wet leather opens up (burns) more easily – this means it becomes brittle, and can crack. Treat boots constantly with Leder-Gris, especially when damp, and during drying. Always dry slowly, in a cool place away from heat, direct sunlight or central heating.

NEVER dry quickly.
NEVER dry near heat.
NEVER force dry in any way.
NEVER leave in direct sunlight.
ALWAYS treat boots with Leder-Gris or Leder-Bök before storage .

For a high shine finish we recommend Leder-Glös.

Suitable for Soldiers, Cadets, Police, Security, Parades or anyone who prides themselves on attractive footwear.

Your Boot care kit will consist of.

  • Cordura pouch Black or Multicam
  • 1 x 40g Leder Gris
  • 1 x 40g tin of Leder Glos
  • Dauber Brush
  • Horse Hair Buffing Brush

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Black boot care with black pouch, Black boot care with MTP pouch, MOD brown boot care with black pouch, MOD brown boot care with
MTP pouch


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