Sniper’s Pocket Book


Colour Edition – The Sniper Pocket Book, the next in the planned series of handy, must have Military Pocket Books. Sniper is a collaboration between Frank Fletcher (ex-Parachute Regt Sniper and Master Sniper Instructor) and Rupert Godesen (military artist and ex-soldier).

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Rupert: “When I took on the job of re-writing/illustrating Soldiers Pocket Book, I decided to write it for the young me who had joined the Army 22 years ago and knew nothing. I tried to make it a cross between a comprehensive guide and sitting chatting with an old sweat. We applied the same approach to sniper combining my pictures with Frank’s lifetime of experience in the field”. Frank: “And I think we’ve achieved what we set out to do, it contains an explanation of how the sniper came to be, details of the longest shots in history, some of whom were my students and a Q&A with me and Ru about the ins and outs of my trade, I’d have snapped it up when I was a lad just joining.” And there’s more where that came from, the new team at Military Pocket Books are working from the solid base that Major John Hobbis Harris established with the original “Volunteer” to enshrine all the skills and drills he had acquired in previous forces service for the next generation, we owe a debt to Major JHH for that. To look forward, most of our titles will become Apps for Tablet and Phones with interactive functions so they become more than just a digital book. Our prospective portfolio of new titles will extend and enhance our reader’s knowledge and skill.


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