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Air Cadet Pocket Book was first published in 1991, this edition is has been specially produced to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. We have been given permission to use fantastic watercolour images provide by Mr David Bryant, whom is an accomplished Military and Aviation Artist. This edition is the first time colour has been introduced to enhance the content subject matter.

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Although, there is no substitute for good instruction given by an experienced instructor, your Pocket Book is designed for you to be able to refer to it at any time. Should you find any mistakes, in-correct detail or would like to make some constructive comments on its content, the publishers would be very pleased to hear from you – go to the contact page on our web site, Your time and that of your instructors, when you are ‘on parade’, is very limited for them to teach you a full lesson on a topic. Technical subjects are impossible to cover in detail, we have attempted to arouse your interest by short explanations, expertly written, by members of the Air Training Corps officers and instrutors.It will make it easier for both you and your instructors if you use your Pocket Book for the purpose for which it has been produced – to refresh your memory and remind you of important facts. NCO’s will find it an invaluable aid when revising or planning lessons. With its help, you will gain a great deal of knowledge and improve your training and at the same time fulfil the Aims of the Air Training Corps, thus making you a good cadet and a better citizen. Studying your Air Cadets Pocket Book does not absolve you from attending your Squadron parades, the reward for your OC is to see you regularly (on parade), perhaps better (turned-out), better prepared to play your part in the Squadron and hopefully more knowledgeable.


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