1000 Mile MEN’S Fusion Double Layer Walking Sock


The 1000 Mile Fusion Walking Sock breaks the mould with its innovative design and material technology.

This sock is the first of it’s kind that offers not just the 1000 Mile double layer sock’s BLISTER-FREE GUARANTEE but padded comfort zones on the heel, toe and Achilles tendon. The padding combined with the high volume Merino wool gives warmth and volume perfect for Autumn/Winter right through until Spring.

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What is Tactel®…?

Soft, light and surprisingly strong. A dynamic, speciality fibre, Tactel® garments are soft, supple, smooth, breathable and lightweight. According to testing Tactel® fibre is at least twice as soft and 20% lighter than most other fibres. It also dries 8 times faster than cotton. With its soft feel, moisture wicking and quick drying properties this yarn is the perfect yarn to line our socks helping to keep the feet cool and dry during activity.

Merino Wool: This product contains Merino Wool: Merino wool is one of softest types of wool available and is perfect for regulating body temperature. The wool provides warmth without overheating the wearer and it’s moisture wicking properties combined with being slightly moisture repellent allow the wearer to remain dry.

Why the name 1000 Mile? As you might’ve guessed, it’s because they claim their socks will perform over and beyond that distance without wearing out, and if they somehow do (within a year) you’ll get your money back.

On top of this, 1000 Mile offer a ‘blister-free guarantee’ on most of the socks across their collection (including the ones on review here) again making the promise that if a problem occurs within a year they’ll offer a refund.

First of all, we’ll address why they’re so confident of blister prevention. 1000 Mile make over 60 different styles of sock that cater for hiking, running and golf and also for things like physiotherapy, and the majority have a ‘sock-within-a-sock’ construction. With this, the outer layer moves with the shoe while the inner keeps with the foot, thus eliminating the risk of blisters. By-and-large this will help to prevent irritation occurring, but don’t expect to be able to borrow your mate’s boots that are three sizes too small and get away scot-free!

The reason the brand are so confident that their sock will last 1000 miles is all down to their careful choice of fabrics – a blend of some high quality materials. The Fusion Walking Sock is one of their best examples of this.

It has an inner that’s made from a nylon, called Tactel, which has a number of very useful properties. It’s durable but also soft and breathable, and it has an extremely quick drying time – supposedly eight times faster than cotton. Perfect stuff to counter the usual problems with your feet over long distances on the trail.


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