0.4g Awesome Airsoft High Precision Marksman Grade Sniper BB


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Awesome Ammo

Awesome Airsoft’s brand-new series of BB’s are manufactured with marksman-like precision. Designed to fit high precision tight bore barrels in the most demanding of RIFs. Highly polished and consistent throughout, thoroughly tested by players and staff alike, these BBs really are a cut above the rest.

Our bottles contain 3000 High Quality BBs.

Awesome Advice

What are the benefits to using high quality BBs?

– Less barrel and hop cleaning needed due to our residue-free manufacturing process.

– Higher precision and repeatability with shots.

– NO fracturing or splitting upon impact.

General Recommended BB Weight:

0.20g – Indoor & Chrono.

0.25g – Indoors.

0.28g – Outdoors and High-end Pistols.

0.30g – Outdoors and DMRs.

0.40g – Snipers and DMRs

Awesome Offer on multiples of 3 and 6 – While stocks last!


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